Terms & Condition

DW Bouncers are providing free ZNC service to IRC ( Internet Relay Chat ) users accros the globe. By using our services, we ask that everyone follow these terms & conditions.

This Bouncer may not be used for:

  • Channels parking/Idle/bots
  • Flooding (including flood/clonebots)
  • Distribution of copyrighted material (eg, warez, mp3,movies) or pornography.
  • Racism and/or Nazism / Hate Speech.
  • Spamming and/or advertising.
  • Hacking (including Virus/Trojan distribution).
  • Terrorism or violent threats.
  • Using an account on behalf of someone else or duplicate account is prohibited.

One Bouncer a user, This is a free service , service latency and speed can vary depending on location, line quality, Internet traffic, and other factors beyond our control. In case of violating terms or abuse user will be banned and bouncer will be removed immediately.

DW Bouncers reserves the right to disable and/or delete your account without any advance notice.

Privacy Policy

  • DW Bouncers supports user privacy by allowing users to connect to most services anonymously. No real name or phone number is required for most services, and users can often connect via tor.
  • DW Bouncers does not sell any personal information to third-parties. However, reserves the right to file abuse reports for users who maliciously abuse our services.
  • DW Bouncers do not share or disclose your private data to anyone unless compelled by law or a court order to do so.
  • DW Bouncers retain minimal access logs for the ZNC server and respective website (DW Bouncers) for debugging purposes.
  • DW Bouncers only retain data on the server from a ZNC user or account when you sign up for our service is your ZNC username and IP.